About OX Recordings

Independent Drum n Bass record label

OX Recordings, Music Label Info

OX Recordings it’s a brand new liquid drum and bass label based in Italy focused in new school dnb and neurofunk. Established in 2017 this drum n bass label is growing up faster with important releases scheduled and a series of international collaborations that helps this project to reach every fan of this music!
The label was created to satisfy the need to distribute new tracks that often have little to do with the jungle and old school sounds, but rather aim to combine a sound from the melodic house, progressive and electro, to which they associate the syncopated rhythm typical of the dnb.

Human Ep Part.1 – is the first Ep distributed by the label, a production of an emerging dnb musician, Pipu, that that best represents the direction taken in the artistic field and dictates the guidelines for the drum and bass artists that will be produced in the future.

Addressed to an ever more numerous crowd, thirsty for modern productions, but also to the fans of the genre that are recognized in the 90s sounds of some synths and samplers, OX Recordings releases can make those who listen to them dance, offering emotions and energy.

Big bass, solid drums, sharp synths and dreamy melodies are the main ingredients for the exclusives tracks released by OX Recordings, a new way for creating this kind of liquid dnb, pioneered by few producers but listened in all the world. The heaviest and hardest sounds of the neurofunk are the dark side of OX Recordings, identified by a black label logo for easy recognition.

In addition to music production, the website uses a store, which offers drum and bass merchandising, associated with the OX logo or the releases of its artists.

Always working for discovering new talents, we are mind opened for every experimentations, without forgetting the roots of this timeless music genre, that made history reaching every corner of the planet.

If are looking for record label informations, or if you are a drum and bass music producer and you think that your music is in line with our style, send us your demo from the contact page, we will be happy to hear it.