Pipu Human Ep 2 release date

Human Pt. 2 by Pipu is coming on May 22 2018

Just over a month after the previous release, OX Recording presents Human Pt 2, the new work by Pipu released on May 22 on all the major digital stores. The essence of modern Drum and Bass is synthesized in two tracks, which with their groove and great energy will capture your mind making it dance continuously. An excellent musical work by a multifaceted artist always looking for new sounds and stimuli, faithful to melody and electronic and acoustic sounds.
The tracks are already bookable on Amazon Music that as always offers to all its users the ability to listen to dnb songs before purchase. Follow the link, we’ll talk on May 22nd!

Pipu Human Part One

Human Pt. 1 by Pipu is Available Now

The first Ep on OX Recordings by Pipu is finally here. Human pt.1 is a liquid dnb ep that combines modern synth sounds with the acoustic sounds of guitars. The first step of our label towards new musical frontiers.
Composed of two different tracks, very close for content and style, this Ep is part of a series of 3 Eps that emphasize human frailty, the tendency to make mistakes, but also the strength, the energy that grit and perseverance allow to reach any goal.
The Ep includes 2 drum and bass tracks, absolutely not to be missed, to be enjoyed in tranquility in headphones or to dance with friends. The clever use of the voices, cut out in loop, makes the tracks particularly dynamic, sounds that combined with the well packaged drum sounds make a unique product that best represents the sound of OX Recordings’ new school drum and bass.

RELEASE DATE 2018-04-10
LABEL OX Recordings

Human Part One by Pipu is available on the main digital stores or freely listenable on Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer. Buy it now. https://fanlink.to/humanpt1



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Pipu Human Part 1 Release Date

The wait is almost over, the date is approaching and we can finally unveil the official release date of the first EP of our label. Tuesday, April 10th you will find Human Part.1 available in all the major digital stores in the world, ready to listen and to dance at any time of the day. As already mentioned, these are two liquid drum and bass tracks that best express Pipu’s musical style and his passion for electronic music. A mixture of acoustic sounds and guitars meets pleasantly synthesizers, sometimes sweet sometimes hard forming sounds that remain etched in the mind. The unique melodies and arpeggios are surely one of the distinguishing features of this Italian artist, a producer to keep an eye on if you are passionate about drum and bass in a modern way. Are you curious? You can find a preview on our official YouTube channel.

OX Recordings Human Pt 1

Pipu – Human Pt. One First Preview is Avalable

Are you sure? Pipu’s Dnb EP Human is on Youtube

The long-awaited release of the drum and bass EP Human Pt. 1 scheduled for January April 2018 is finally ready for arrival in the main digital stores. Composed of two songs Human represents the exploration of Pipu in the genre liquid drum and bass, music that represents him deeply and totally.

The release is part of a series of three Eps that will be available during 2018, music creations that draw a sound environment composed of enveloping sounds and dreamy melodies of synthesizers, sounds that merge into a single source accompanied by syncopated and energetic drum rhythms. This music demonstrates the compositional qualities of Pipu, highlighting his personal style capable of merging two worlds, electronic and rock, made of guitar riffs often heated by vintage preamps and different types of tape delay.

Pipu’s experimentation in the reverberation and stereo imaging fields has allowed the development of highly three-dimensional music that if listened in headphones will make you travel to realistic places where the sounds of the granular synth bounce in the air pushed by amazing bass lines.The preview is available on youtube at http://bit.ly/2CoUmiB
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