Pipu – Human Pt. One First Preview is Avalable

Are you sure? Pipu’s Dnb EP Human is on Youtube

The long-awaited release of the drum and bass EP Human Pt. 1 scheduled for January April 2018 is finally ready for arrival in the main digital stores. Composed of two songs Human represents the exploration of Pipu in the genre liquid drum and bass, music that represents him deeply and totally.

The release is part of a series of three Eps that will be available during 2018, music creations that draw a sound environment composed of enveloping sounds and dreamy melodies of synthesizers, sounds that merge into a single source accompanied by syncopated and energetic drum rhythms. This music demonstrates the compositional qualities of Pipu, highlighting his personal style capable of merging two worlds, electronic and rock, made of guitar riffs often heated by vintage preamps and different types of tape delay.

Pipu’s experimentation in the reverberation and stereo imaging fields has allowed the development of highly three-dimensional music that if listened in headphones will make you travel to realistic places where the sounds of the granular synth bounce in the air pushed by amazing bass lines.The preview is available on youtube at http://bit.ly/2CoUmiB
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