Witch Doctor

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The Witch Doctor Biography

The Witch Doctor, an artist hailing from the South of England, Drum & bass and Psy Trance her main focus in music but also has a love for Psychill and Techno. She spins the wheels as well as produces, giving back to the communities she loves in the form of her endless creativity.

Music has been a passion since a very young age, where she used to play in the school Orchestra and soon at the age of 16 found the underground scene. At the age of 17 she  worked hard to afford a pair of Technics 1210’s and begin mixing. A deep love for Psytrance fuelled this ambition and has remained to this day.

When the Drum and Bass scene began she too found this music full of Soul and expression and began mixing this too. University was a great time where she met likeminded souls and began djing the underground which was great fun. Then a period of time came when a career in her field of study took over, meaning music had to take a bit of a back seat.

She then moved to France for a number of years and couldn’t afford to pursue her music in the way she wanted. It wasn’t until she moved back to England that she could afford her studio equipment to really focus on creating new music.

Since that day dawned there has been no looking back. Djing for numerous Radio stations with residencies on various Psy Trance stations. Not only this but also producing new Music in the DnB scene and Psytrance world under her new alias The Witch Doctor. The future is an interesting one as she continues to develop and push her studio knowledge to bring new sounds to the scenes she loves and adores with all her heart.