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Loma Dnb, Dj and Producer

Ben Pryke AKA “LOMA dnb” is a resident of Bristol UK one of the hubs of the entire dnb scene.

LOMA has been producing drum and bass since 2016, his style of drum and bass ranges from Liquid, Experimental to Neuro dnb, where he has clocked up releases on labels in Slovenia and America.

Not only a dnb producer, under the guise of C_RV_ producing experimental lofi beats with dnb influence.

This also has had an effect on LOMA’s music taking influence from the lofi beats and samples to create some more experimental sounds and using techniques learnt from producing lofi to strive for that unique sound.

With these influences in mind he has found a style of drum and bass which really suits his flow, It has an old school Jungly, Jazzy, Intelligent vibe to it depending on the track and the mood at the time.

LOMA is a relative newcomer to the dnb scene, DJing at private parties and has played the Noise Test nights in Bristol solely playing unreleased dubs.